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The other products needed for mounting and use of rolling bearings.

Induction heaters, grease, automatic lubricators, anti-rust sprays, fitting tool sets, extractors, metallic shims.

Induction heaters

DAS LAGER Induction Heaters are available in 5 sizes for bearings up to 600 kg, all of them with very affordable prices.

They can be controlled in temperature or time and include different holding bars.

  • Simple use with bearings, time and energy saving

  • Correct mounting, no damages to bearings

  • Very safe operation in bearing handling, 3-y warranty


Bearing Fitting Tool Set

Absolutely needed for the manual mounting of rolling bearings: the specific tools assure safe operation and avoid damages to bearings (DAS LAGER GERMANY).
Bearing bore diameter: 10 – 55 mm; outer diameter: 26 – 120 mm.


Grease for bearings

  • Multi-purpose lithium grease (DAS LAGER GERMANY)
  • Also available specific types for high loads, high speeds, high temperatures, low noise generation and food applications

  • 125 g or 1 kg packages
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Spray products

  • Cleaner and lubricant products for mechanical and auto-repair workshops (DAS LAGER GERMANY)
  • Brake pad spray, rust remover, liquid grease
  • 500 – 200 – 400 ml respectively
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Automatic lubricators

Automatic single-point lubricators in different sizes,  suitable for any lubricating task with grease or oil (SIMALUBE)

  • Usually installed on the bearing housing
  • They solve every problem due to difficult, time consuming manual lubrication

Bearing extractors

External and internal mechanical extractors for bearings (KUKKO)

  • Cost-effective, efficient and safe mounting tools

Metallic shims for tolerance compensation

  • Laminated sheets in various shapes for tolerance compensation in bearing seats (GEORG MARTIN)

  • Custom designed shims available; material aluminium, brass, carbon and stainless steel

Other power transmission parts

CBC can provide belts (rubber and PU), pulleys (standard and custom made), chains, sprockets, couplings and the other parts to complete your mechanical drive system.

  • V-belts and tyre couplings (COLMANT-CUVELIER)
  • Chains and sprockets

Calibrated bars

  • Round steel bars with high precision class (URB)
  • Diameter 6 – 60 mm. Material  Ck45, Ck55, 100Cr6, 42CrMo4 (4140).
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